Moody Metaphors, featuring Jeanne' McCartin and Steve Bowersock
August 25, 2023 - September 8, 2023

Moody Metaphors, an exhibition at Bowersock Gallery, features Steve Bowersock and Jeanne' McCartin, two disparate, narrative artist who share strong common denominators; both draw from the mind, and reflect, concurrently, on internal and broader world issues. 

Moody Metaphors, opens August 25th, 2023, with a reception from 7 – 9pm and runs through September 6th, at Bowersock Gallery, 373 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.

For more than a decade, Bowersock's paintings and McCartin's figurative sculpture-paintings have been paired for their biannual exhibition. Bowersock says it’s a perfect mix because both artists are odd! Images are never ordinary, have strong stories and are intensely personal, but also, relatable with a universal bent.

Bowersock, known for his surreal and expressionist works, will present a mix of themes this season. He will introduce a new series, continuing with a long-standing theme, and revisit earlier works that took years to come to fruition. He’s thrilled to finally share a selection of paintings he’s held back for quite some time. This is now their year!  

His latest series is, Staying in the Moment, an exercise in rising above the chaos, a meditation on stillness. Staying, is a perfect complement to his ongoing Mother Nature/Emotional Life collection, a series he describes as the place where he breathes. MN/EL  features Bowersock's fantastical, ethereal figures, and is among the artist's most sought-after themes. 

Bowersock thinks of the beings, often female, as his muses. And just when he thinks a series is completed, they seem to reappear and whisper to him, that there’s still more to come.  

McCartin is a combine artist, an uncommon method, in her case referring to wall-hung pieces composed of sculpture, compositions, and traditional painting elements, bringing them into the third dimension. Her imagery is as unique as her means; Jeanne’ is always exploring, and this collection being presented is some of her strongest work to date, detailed and powerful.

McCartin will present Chairs, her latest series, which explores the emotional impact of internal and cultural ‘place, in addition to works from earlier themes. Christopher Gowell (founding executive director of Sanctuary Arts, Maine) describes McCartin's work as: most unusual…evocative of doll houses put together or torn asunder by a manic or depressive energy. The gamut of human emotion resides in her figures.

What can be expected from both Bowersock and McCartin is work that ensnares and entrances the viewer. Truth be told, this is work that doesn't fit in every gallery, it's less traditional, and often in your face. It’s not a quick read and can be challenging, definitely a unique and thought-provoking exhibition.