A Distinctive Gallery for the Discerning Eye.

Bowersock Gallery, located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is a vibrant and renowned art gallery that showcases cutting-edge, contemporary fine art. Established by Steven Bowersock and Michael Senger in 2004, the gallery has been a cornerstone of the Provincetown art scene for over two decades.

With its prime location in Provincetown's gallery district, Bowersock Gallery features a diverse selection of artwork including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, handblown glass, and mixed media pieces. The gallery is known and celebrated for its focus on contemporary realism and representation of both established and emerging artists.

Visitors to the Gallery can expect to encounter a dynamic range of artistic styles and subject matter from serene landscapes to bold abstract compositions. The gallery's curated exhibitions and rotating displays ensure that there is always something new, exciting, and thought-provoking to discover

In addition to its featured exhibitions, Bowersock Gallery hosts special events, artist receptions, and community outreach programs, fostering a vibrant artistic community in Provincetown and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned art collector or simply an avid art enthusiast, Bowersock Gallery offers a welcoming and engaging environment where all can explore and appreciate contemporary fine art.

Owners Mike Senger and Steve Bowersock
Gallery Director Mike Senger
Curator Steve Bowersock
Gallery Associate Lisa Bernstein