The Perfect Form, Artists Dave Seeley and Morgan LaPlante
June 16, 2023 - June 27, 2023

The Perfect Form, Bowersock Gallery's latest exhibit, explores the timelessness of the human form seen through the eyes of Dave Seeley and Morgan LaPlante, two painters with very different, yet equally strong approaches to their subjects. 

Perfect Form, opens Friday, June 16th, 2023, with a reception from 7-9 pm through June 28th.

It’s quite exciting to see figurative work experience a renaissance in the art world. Dave and Morgan's subjects and subtext are certainly major contributors to this movement, each offering a distinct and personal take on the figure, yet both are based on the honored classical works. They each express themselves with distinct stylistic, and conversational voices with narrative as the strong common denominator. Canvases come alive with humanity, story, and depth portrayed by these two artists at the top of their game in both skillset and vision.

Seeley's work, which he describes as ethereal realism, leans towards nudes and portraiture. Faces look directly at the viewer, while full figures are oblivious to the watching eye, seemingly lost in a personal moment. Whether capturing a visage, or a full figure, Seeley's strong, often existential, expressive images convey true and complex emotions. 

Much of LaPlante's work focuses on the contemporary, day-to-day moments; timeless, tender snapshots of women and children encouraging the ordinary as extraordinary. Her work portrays the beauty and pulse found in the very quiet of still moments. Images of children at play, or one of affection between mother and child, gives the viewer a feeling of observing an intimacy, unnoticed by the subjects lost in their own realities.  

This is a truly intimate exhibition where each piece brings us into the personal fold – the artist, the subject, and the viewer all.