Still as a Vision
July 15, 2022 - July 27, 2022

Still - as a church mouse, the night, a tomb, or a statue - but with a solid dose of humor to rouse a chuckle or a laugh - for that is the way of the modern still life, in the show Still as a Vision.

Still as a Vision will open with a reception on Friday, July 15th, 2022, from 7 to 9 pm through Tuesday, July 26th

This extraordinary exhibit looks at contemporary still life, painted by some of today's top artists in the genre. The allegorical tradition lives on and thrives in these modern works where the traditional set alongside whimsical items speaks to more than just the immediate.

Still as a Vision, features the inanimate subject, the everyday object. And yes, there’s the traditional feather, vase, flower, or bowl of fruit present. However, they are more likely to be arranged alongside a bottle of tequila, quacking duck, vintage sailor, a multitude of toys, or a couple of ceramic singing pigs. This show will satisfy the purist with the skull, feather, and exquisitely arranged cloth. But, as well, there is a decidedly modern bent toward humor which is delightful even as that humor speaks to a darker side of human nature and our times. 

Still as a Vision, includes more than a half dozen artists and features award-winning contemporary realist/narrative painters Julie Beck and Noriko Fox, who exhibit their work nationally and internationally. Beck graduated from Roger Williams University and the Academy of Realist Art, Boston, where she is now an instructor and Assistant Director. Fox studied at the Japan Designers School, Hiroshima, and the Academy of Realist Art Boston. Both of these women have been with Bowersock Gallery for years and have proven to be very popular and well-received. Their subjects speak to the creative, while their skills to the incontrovertible mastery of a medium. 

‘Vision’s’ collection of artists is one of the finest the gallery has assembled and Bowersock Gallery invites you to come see what the brass pig and the ceramic cow have to say after being birthed from the hands of these incredible oil painters. With lots to think about and plenty to laugh at, this is an event not to be missed.