Blurred Lines and Hazy Intent
August 12, 2022 - August 23, 2022

Bowersock Gallery is pleased to present: Blurred Lines and Hazy Intent, an exhibition featuring the work of painters Stanka Kordic and Scott Conary.   

Both contemporary realists, Kordic and Conary’s works skirt the edges of surrealism, as they push the familiar into the uncommon territory. The images by each are marked by personal visions which warp time, play with our sense of normalcy, vulnerabilities, and even our notions on mortality. 

Blurred Lines and Hazy Intent, opens Friday, August 12th, 2022 with a reception from 7-9 pm, and runs through Tuesday, August 23rd at Bowersock Gallery, 373 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.

Curator/owner Steve Bowersock comments that Stanka and Scott’s works are quite different, yet they stay true to an individual vision well described as dream, magical and/or sometimes disruptive realism. The art of both painters is hauntingly beautiful, whether capturing a simple fern or the portrait of a child. Nothing either does is ever just standard fare. 

Kordic, a first-generation Croatian American, and graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, uses the figure for her storytelling. The painter, who has exhibited nationally, has won numerous international awards and her work can be found in a multitude of individual, as well as corporate and institutional collections.   

The people in her figurative works, awash in muted colors, look out at the viewer through a gauzy, transparent veil, some suggesting droplets, others a haze, frozen ice or floating feathers. These are the people who appear in our dreams as whispers, echoes, secret keepers or Sybils. They are welcome, yet illusive, visitors who leave us to grasp for meaning and fill in lines. Each skillfully crafted scene is a peek into another dimension of reality.

Conary, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, tends to provoke with the way he uses buildings, fauna and flora and everyday objects in a piece.

His evocative work turns ordinary objects, those often passed over, into statements on relationships, emotions and concepts. The images are barely in sight, just out of reach and at risk of vanishing, before we learn what they have to say. The emerging or full blossom, a ghostly structure, or crumpled cloth are now effective items of, and for, deep reflection. They are also masterfully executed, and beautiful for simply being what they are.

In addition to the featured artists, Bowersock Gallery will present the work of its 40-plus stable artists alongside its 2022 guests, in its two other salon exhibition spaces.