Alex Jove Works

Alex Jove


Portrait, Landscape

Contemporary Realism

Ani Art Academy

Alex Jove was born in Indiana and raised in Missouri. He has been involved in the arts since his early public school years and continued mentorship with his father, a muralist, in 2012. After studying with his father for a few years, in 2015, he went on to receive an education at the Ani Art Academies under the tutelage of Anthony Waichulis. In late 2018, Alex graduated from the Ani Art Academy drawing and painting program and returned home to Saint Louis.

Since receiving his technical training, Alex has been going deep and exploring what his art means to him. Most paintings explore the process he enjoys while slowly honing in on his unique artistic language. Portrait, landscape, and figurative work have been avenues that hold the most significance. In terms of subject matter, psychology and trauma have been subjects of interest, as well as nature and surrealism. Alex's most recent work, exploring race and identity on a personal level, both what it meant early on and up through the present, was captured in "Mixed Identity." Alex is constantly evolving as he seeks to find an artistic process he can call his own. "Though the path I choose is not yet clearly defined, I shall move ahead with diligence, purpose, and passion."

In 2019, Jove was honored to exhibit the shows "Enigma" at the Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, OK, and "Modern Male" at Bowersock Gallery in Provincetown, MA. In 2018 he proudly exhibited "Imagine" at Rehs Contemporary Gallery Inc., in New York City.