Kevin Kusiolek Works

Medium: Oil Painting

Subjects: Cityscapes, Landscapes, Seascapes

Style: Contemporary

Inspirations: Degas, John Singer Sargent, Richard Diebenkorn, Edwin Dickinson

Education: Towson University 

Biography: Kevin is a local artist working out of his studio in Salem, MA. Kevin earned his Bachelor's Degree in fine art from Towson University in 2010. His oil paintings offer a unique perspective of the modern landscape in which he balances abstraction and realism. This balance is critical in his work and something which Kevin always considers so that the painting breathes life and doesn't feel static. 

"I consider my paintings as visual diaries which are influenced by places that I've lived or traveled to. As far as my paintings being void of people, my intent is to capture a particular moment which I find interesting and although people inhabit these spaces, they are not necessarily my focus. People are rarely static, especially in urban environments, so to paint them that way would take away from the energy I try to evoke in my work. My overall intent when creating a work of art is to capture a personal experience and put it onto a canvas with hopes that I capture everything that I felt on that particular day."