Gretchen Woodman Works

Gretchen Woodman


Acrylic on Board, Watercolor, Graphite Powder on Paper or Board


Animals of all kinds, often juxtaposed with human objects




Books: The Animal Side, by Jean Christophe Bailey, The Spell of the Sensuous, by David Abram

Artists:  Walton Ford, Clare Benson, Nick Brandt, Terry Evans


University of NH, BFA

NH Institute of Art, MFA


Gretchen Woodman has been fascinated with animals her whole life. She carries a deep concern for other living beings, which inspires her interest in the field of Human-Animal studies. Woodman is a contemporary realist whose drawings and paintings represent the enigma of the human-animal relationship.  

Sometimes humorous, but more often serious, her work leans toward the side of the animal. Gretchen prefers to isolate her animal subjects in a simple color field to draw attention to the animal subject. Her new work includes more objects to accompany animals in fictitious spaces.