Helene Bess Works

Helene Bess


Embellishments, with found objects, all manner of hardware, wire, glass seed beads, paint, trim, an assortment of decorative beads and unusual papers, solder and glass, etc.


Boxes, birdhouses, shoes, plaques, blocks, furniture, animal heads, and all types of 3D finds.


“Soft” steampunk, Avant-garde, contemporary.


Lines and curves of objects that call to be transformed into something other than what they were originally meant to be. Industrial mechanical objects. Gears, costume jewelry, and chains. Textile design and tile.


Phoenix Pratt School of Design in New York, NY, and St. Petersburg Community College in Florida.


Helene studied art in Europe as a young adult before attending the formal art schools mentioned above. Her diverse commissions have ranged from Florida to Hawaii. She has exhibited in numerous galleries over the past several years and many featured artist showings throughout the country. Essentially undefinable, her 3D art combines elements of “steampunk”, manipulating discarded objects, hardware, and glitz into a fantasy creation. When each art piece is contemplated, each side presents a diverse texture, color, pattern, and unique composition. Helene tends toward extremely intricate detail and always strives for high craftsmanship. But what’s most important to her personally is the pure joy of transporting herself along with the emerging piece and hopefully bringing the viewer along with her.