Emma Ashby Works

Emma Ashby

Emma Ashby grew up on the East Coast of England, UK, where her deep affection for coastal landscapes was cultivated. It’s a love affair that has continued to grow in her twenty years of living on the East Coast of New England and is reflected in the atmosphere and emotion of her paintings.

Emma paints with pigmented molten beeswax, which is an ancient medium called ‘encaustic’. She is one of the few artists, working with encaustic, who is known for landscape painting, and what makes her work especially unique is her use of clay. As the artist explains I wanted to incorporate clay into the layers of wax so that some of the subject matter would actually become an organic part of what I was creating”.

Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and can be found in private and public spaces, both nationally and internationally. Ashby is a full-time artist and encaustic educator.

She has an MA from the Royal College of Art in London