Catherine Nash Works

Catherine Nash

Medium: Mixed media assemblage, encaustic painting

Subjects: Astronomy, sacred geometry, and landscape as a poetic metaphor

Style: Layered imagery with a slight Asian aesthetic

Education: BFA in Printmaking and Drawing,

University of New Hampshire

Kyoto Seika University of Fine Arts, Japan

MFA in Mixed Media, University of Arizona

Inspirations:  Nash creates mixed media images and sculptures that respond to nature and reflect a spiritual and philosophical relationship with the environment: the poetics of landscape. The terrain, aesthetics, and cultures of Japan, Scandinavia, experiences with Native American friends, and explorations of the southwestern desert wilderness influence and inform her artwork. Recent assemblage works and paintings incorporate images of skies and bodies of water not intended to portray specific locations as much as a to create a dreamlike feeling of place and memory. Viewed through a portal or window, venerated in a shrine, or juxtaposed with diagrams of ancient sacred geometry, these works explore the poetic mysteries of land and water and sky.