Steve Bowersock Works

Steve Bowersock

Oil on Canvas and Panel

Surrealist Figures (mythological/otherworldly), Conceptual Landscapes, Fish, Birds, and Symbolism

Surrealism, Conceptual and Magical Contemporary Realism, Representational

Associate of Art, Granite State College (NH) and Self Taught

Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Caravaggio

Bowersock rejected a world where a painting of Elvis on velvet was considered priceless art and eventually fled his early Ohio factory, blue-collar, existence in pursuit of an artist’s life. He grew up painting and drawing but knew he had to break out of that box in order to grow. So where did he go? To that great art gallery in the sky - The United States Marine Corps!  Desert Storm may have taught him discipline, but the opportunity to view the exquisite works of the great European artists only further fueled his commitment to study and continue to develop his artistic abilities.

After, Bowersock enrolled in McIntosh College (Dover, NH) for business then finished up with his Associate of Arts Degree at Granite State College. His work has evolved leaps and bounds, since, from first strokes using watercolors to his latest in oil. As he and his work continually morph, Bowersock is committed to digging into the representational surreal mindset, a tripping of the mind from the natural to the personal. Creating unique dreamscapes, he contemplates and parses the subject matter of what lies on the edges of comprehension. Like trying to grab onto nature’s hidden heartbeat, “it’s about tapping into imagination’s world, into a feeling, a deep ongoing exploration of the seen and what lies just beyond our minds’ eye. These place places hold such great fascination, yet they are often where we most hesitate to go.”