Michael Palmer Works

Palmer has lived, for most of the last two decades, in Key West FL, and also spends time in Maine. Having painted professionally for 42 years, his work is well collected both here and abroad. He has the distinction of being listed in the, “Who’s Who in Art” and has exhibited in many museum shows: Elliot Museum, Evansville Museum of Art and Sciences, Key West Art & Historical Museum, Ogunquit Museum of Art, 1st Annual Drawing Society; High Museum, and Addison Museum of Art and is honored to be shown in many other art centers and galleries worldwide.

Palmer’s paintings are part of several museums' permanent collections including: the Seattle Museum of Art, U.S. Embassy, Moscow (Russia), Key West Museum of Art and History, Ogunquit Museum of American Art, and DeCordova Museum of Art. Collectors and critics alike have given his art much praise and serious attention.

Many works have an abstract quality which makes them quite intriguing. He depicts rooftops, narrow streets, bird's eye views of cityscapes, or people going about their everyday business, with an unmistakable architectural approach. Over time, his emphasis has become more focused on form and design, and less on content and narrative. The architectural pieces are wonderful studies in perspective, shadow effects, horizontal and vertical lines along with broken geometrical shapes, always with deliberate use of a subtle color palette.

Michael is known for systematically combining paint and ink. Although he admits to often beginning a painting without any preconceived notion, he always manages to finish off a work with minute drawings in ink.  

Publications include: Art Business News 2004, Art World News 2004, Better Homes & Garden 1985, Solares Hill Newspaper 1998 through 2004, and Cape Cod News 2010.

Private collectors rave, including: Bill Cosby, Danny DeVito, The Rockefeller Family Collection, Hartford Life, International Bankers Art Collection, Searle Pharmaceuticals, and many notable others.