“The Realist Academy Show” opened Friday Aug 31, 2018

“The Realist Academy Show,” is a special exhibition, an inaugural collaboration of Bowersock and Beck, the Bowersock Gallery and the Realist Academy of Boston.

Featured are: Academy Assistant Director Julie Beck, Instructor/Artist Eric Johnson, and former student Noriko Fox, along with a few other, select Academy students.

The Realist Academy of Boston offers a rigorous, traditional, academic-driven curriculum. For that reason, there’s a lot of strong work coming out of there, figurative and still life, by both instructor and student. Julie has been a stable artist with the gallery for some time. Bowersock, took on her former student, Noriko, last year. Next came Eric.

Process: the Director of the school, selected a number of the Academy’s top students whose work was then submitted to a jurying process conducted by the gallery. In addition to taking part in “The Realist Academy Show,” one student will be offered a place, after the selection process, in a future exhibit at the Bowersock Gallery.

Noriko Fox’s still-life series of toys has proven consistently strong and popular with clients, so much so that she became a part of Bowersock Gallery’s stable quite quickly. Her imagination takes her (and us) to worlds where rubber duckies swarm dinosaurs, and Tyrannosaurus Rex party with sombreros. The imagery is hilarious and executed by a master’s hand.

Beck’s figurative works and photo-realism still-lifes (of a more serious nature) have also proven a favorite with patrons. Julie proves that there is so much more to a still-life than only the gathering and placing of objects. Rather, they are symbols for ideas and stories. She has impeccable technique; her work goes beyond skill with a brush and to boot, Julie is just a natural at creating an intriguing narrative.

The show is an opportunity for the students to marry the notion of skill and technique with the business side of the art world. It’s an introduction to the part of their future when they begin to transition into professional studio artists. The gallery has a firsthand look at the top, up and coming talent and last, but not least, Bowersock patrons have the opportunity for a glimpse of works from those most promising students to hail from one of the nation’s top schools, at the very beginning of their careers.