Steven W Lush

Steven Lush is an expressionistic realism artist who uses watercolor, oil, acrylic and mixed media his subjects include marinescapes, cityscapes, landscapes, and interiors.
Inspirations include Winslow Homer, JMW Turner, Arthur Briscoe, Carl Evers.

Steven W Lush Night Shift 21×29 ~ Bowersock Gallery

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Marine Engineering.

It was the artistic family where he grew up that gave Steve his first inspirations. As a young boy, Steve was fascinated with the pen and ink drawings of Saul Steinberg as depicted in issues of the New Yorker magazine. He would create his own renderings and spent hours drawing and making up cartoon images with captions. Later, after graduating from the Merchant Marine Academy he discovered his love for traveling. He has traveled extensively throughout the world including India, the Mediterranean, Africa, and the South Pacific.