Steve Bowersock

Steve Bowersock is a contemporary neo-surrealistic, surreal and dreamscape oil painter. Subjects: landscapes, still lifes and figurative.
Inspirations include the Renaissance period, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte.

Notable Exhibitions: Winter Show, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Prescott Park Arts Festival Juried Exhibition, Portsmouth, N.H.

Memberships/Societies: Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

Education: Granite State College, Sanctuary Arts Elliot Maine, Macintosh College.

Biography: Bowersock, a native of the Ohio aluminum mill region “where velvet Elvis paintings were fine art,” started to pursue painting seriously nearly two decades ago, following a stint in the US Marine Corp. He studied at Granite State College, in New Hampshire, and at Sanctuary Arts, Eliot, Maine.

Steve has exhibited in numerous invitational and curated exhibitions throughout the East Coast. He received Best in Show at the Gallery at 100 Market in Portsmouth NH and many additional recognitions.

Bowersock’s exhibit features the highly sought after “Mother Nature” series; surreal haunting images of fluid figures draped in complex swirling gowns against spare fields, swept up and moved by the elements.
So much of the mystery is implied in the use of his colors, startling reds and blues, or soothing greens and earth tones. But it is the figures’ language that moves us to search first the canvas then ourselves. They rouse a contemplative unease, an enigma to solve.

“Haunted by Dreams,” a series soliciting a similar response. The new collection features deceivingly stark buildings suspended in Spartan microcosms. The canvases of single or grouped structures stir disquieting feelings, underscoring their larger interest.

“I’m tapping into dreams. Like ‘Mother Natures’’ figures, the buildings speak to inner dialogue and human relationships. Unlike the figures, the buildings’ static senses speak to a very different state of being. These reach back to my childhood, to the blue collar world where work was defined as farming, a mill job, or mining, certainly not standing at an easel and painting. My relationship with that world is complex. Simplifying it is a way of dealing.”

“‘Haunted’ is about unearthing issues on a personal level, but hopefully ones that touch others.”