Scott Conary

Scott Conary is a contemporary realism artist who works in oil creating narratives and tensions in the common by using architecture, still life, meat, egg, flowers as his subjects.
Inspirations include Degas, DeKooning, Wyeth.

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI


Raised where the east coast suburbs filtered into the woods and farms, Scott Conary (RISD, BFA ’93) creates oil paintings of everyday objects and places with which we have complicated and often ambiguous relationships. Pulled from their context, they have something to say about how we interact with the world and each other. These are stories of the arbitrary nature of beauty, of melancholy, of fleeting triumph, and the camouflage of time: the meat we greedily consume but are repulsed by, the weed that fights to survive in the gaps of our attention, the old door used for generations but now forgotten, and so on.

Fueling and inspiring this work is his young daughter’s battle with complicated heart defects and her experiences with disability. And the impact that has had on those around her. This has directed his focus towards the narratives and tensions in the common and is why he wanders deeper into the thicket of representational work.