“LAY OF THE LAND” Opening reception: Friday, September 15, 2017

“Lay of the Land” Opening reception: Friday, September 15, 2017, is a special landscape exhibition; relaxation, contemplation, and simple appreciation of the beauty around us is the subject of “Lay of the Land,” the latest exhibition at the Bowersock Gallery. It is also the first in the Gallery’s 13 years to focus on a single subject.

There are a lot of reasons for doing a show featuring landscapes. Art is about many things – emotional outpouring, reflection, issues, process; and our Gallery exhibits it all. It is also an incredible vehicle for rejuvenating one’s’ soul and relishing beauty. Landscapes offer the opportunity for quieted thought and getting lost in a place of grace. The time seems right for emphasizing the soothing and contemplative power of these images.

Bowersock’s stable features some of the East Coast’s most accomplished landscape artists, who exhibit throughout the US. The work will include naturalistic, impressionistic, surreal, tonal and realist; both land and seascapes.

Featured artists are:

Darlou Gams





Steve Bowersock





Todd Bonita





Christopher Volpe





Robert Wellings





Tom Bailey




Darlou, Todd, and Christopher have been with us for some time. Each has built a following and with good reason. These are people with vision and the skill to convey it, and who have made the landscape a major focus in their bodies of work. Each has mastered the art. Their artists’ fertile minds have long produced evocative, settings which morph with each viewing. These sensitive Landscapes change with moods and mindsets: warmth, lonely, calming, unsettling, mystical, and endlessly on with a flick of the mind.

Wellings is a new addition at the Bowersock. In a single summer his tonal, abstract expressionist paintings have become an important part of the gallery’s collection. Wellings’ work evokes both a sense of power and the ethereal; his work always has a sense of the familiar, whether real or in a dream.

“Lay of the Land” marks Bailey’s first time exhibiting at the gallery. Tom’s colors are vibrant, his scene’s lush and alive. Here, too, you have a sense you’ve traveled along the edge of that particular marsh, or stream bed or leaf-littered wooded path, but you can’t quite put your finger on when; it’s magical.

Bowersock’s own work brings a surreal view; lonely sheds against threatening skies, and children’s balloons tossed by the wind within a dark landscape. “These works are reflective of my own moods and dreams,” Bowersock says. “Everything is temporary. We know it but struggle with that basic reality. They explore coming to grips and moving forward.” The idea of a single subject exhibition started with the idea of offering an island in the storm, a respite for the mind. But, it may be a thing of the future. It’s a way to highlight, of course, but also a way to explore. And that’s the real purpose of art, the exploration of ideas, and places in our own minds.