“Keeping Real” opens with an artists’ reception Friday, Aug 11, 7 to 9 and runs through Aug 29

What you see is what you get – sometimes; still other times there’s so much more yet to reveal itself. The work of painters Julie Beck and Debbie Kinson featured in “Keeping Real” at Bowersock Gallery exhibition, fall into the latter category; beautiful representational, realistic work which speaks to something more than the immediate image and appeal.

“Both Julie and Debbie use their art to speak to something more, using the subject as symbols,” Curator Steve Bowersock says. “This is a show by two women with clear directives; allegoric, real and fantasy.”

Julie Beck, a contemporary, realist, painter is Assistant Director at the Academy of Realist Art, Boston. Her art has garnered numerous awards and has been exhibited throughout the US.
“Whether an animal or object, nothing is as it seems in Julie’s work. The relationship between elephants and crows in the wild, or figurines of a fox and pig suggest something more; every item, background, and position calculated for effect,” Bowersock says. “These scenes are stories, comments on the world around her, and her personal life, relevant to most viewers.”

Beck’s richly colored, skillfully rendered and painted works will include figurative, still life and wildlife.

Kinson’s work is well described as “the scenery of the mind and heart.” She is most widely known for her brilliant and warm colored images of birds, staged in ethereal-kissed settings often touched with gold.

“Again, this is an artist who is speaking to more than the beauty of her subjects. Debbie is interested in these creatures as symbols of freedom, spirituality, and mystery,” Bowersock says. “They have a unique way of morphing from quiet, peaceful encounters, to ones which excite and energize.”

Whether in flight, staring directly at the viewer or lost in their own world, these featured creatures are captured in brilliant orange reds and golds, or soft warm tawny hues, blended with soft shades of rose, blues, and other colors.

“The impressive marker to both these artists’ works is that there is nothing indifferent. Everything is filled with meaning and purpose,” Bowersock says. “Both are masters of what they do, and clear with their statements.