Artist Juleen Stacy is a contemporary realist painter working in Oil, Acrylic and Gouache; her subjects include birds nests and botanical themes.
Influences include the contemporary realism movement and by the contemporary master botanical artwork. The subjective beauty of the late 19th early 20th-century Tonalist/Luminist movement is also of great interest to me. Historic masterworks are also a consistent source of inspiration and study.

Medium: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Encaustic

Subjects: Botanicals, Still-Life, Landscape, Portraits

Style: Contemporary Realism

Education: BA, Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA

Bio: Juleen Stacy, b. 1965, is an American artist whose work employs the tenets of 19th-century realism in execution, yet still expresses her subject matter in a contemporary manner.

She has a passion for plants. She paints earth-toned botanicals in watercolor and gouache on 140lb hot-pressed paper. She wants to bring her viewers’ attention to the incredible beauty of plants that are usually overlooked, thus, her botanical subject matter is focused on plants that are grown in the vegetable garden, weeds, twisted intricate roots, and common tree leaves. Her twist is focusing on these plants after they have reached their peak and are in the throes of decay.

Juleen also brings that love of the common to her oil paintings. Her current series Heirlooms is focused on the theme of family treasures that are not wanted by future generations. “We all know the story of the kids that don’t want any of the family stuff,” she says, “that’s what’s going on in our family. We are down to two children left in this family line and we have five households of furniture, trinkets and family heirlooms that they don’t want. This series is highlighting some of those family treasures and the stories behind them before they are sold or given away.”

Her acrylic work runs the gamut from portraits to pears. She often works on dark or black backgrounds to show her subjects in dramatic relief. She loves the quick drying time of acrylic and particularly enjoys finding new techniques working with this incredibly flexible medium.