Jeffrey T Fitzgerald

Jeffery T Fitzgerald is an artist working in acrylic, charcoal and pastel; he uses the land and sea for inspiration in creating his unique colorful abstract paintings.
Inspirations include Abstract Expressionism and Hudson River School.

Education: BFA-University of Massachusetts at Amherst

As a boy, I found confidence and story in drawing and rendering. Happily lost in comics and graphic novels, I sketched everywhere. As an art student, I drew for a catchy headline immersed in Abstract Expressionism and Neo-Abstract Expressionism. With fatherhood’s reaction, my landscapes became more grounded/studied and color more local. Now mid-game, I paint for the twain, process and subject. With that, the canvas and pigment, hue and color field, I look to suggest and refute rocks, sea and sky; the physicality of the paint and the passion of the scape steamroll my work forward.

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