Jeffery Briggs

Jeffery Briggs is Art Nouveau style Sculptor working in bronze and wood.

Jeff Briggs received his B.A. from Tufts and his Diploma from the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts in 1969. His work has been featured in numerous national publications including Yankee Magazine, “Woodworking – The New Wave” by Donna Meilach, Fine Woodworking Books II and III, and Interior Design to name a few.


His Art Nouveau style sculptures were featured at The Verbena Gallery in NYC and wood sculptures are prized by collectors throughout the country. For the past 18 years he has worked as sculptor and principal designer for The Fabricon Carousel Company creating numerous Grand Carousels currently operating in Singapore, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia and throughout the USA.

Over the past several years Jeffrey has been working on a new collection of sculpted wall reliefs. Thematically, the reliefs explore Jeffrey’s thoughts about man’s complex and paradoxical relationship to animals. He begins with an idea of one aspect of the man – animal relationship. After looking through his vast collection of historic design archives for inspirational imagery and to jump start his imagination, he starts to sketch out ideas.

Transforming these ideas into full scale, two-dimensional drawings he then designs a sculptural frame to enhance and compliment each one. The drawing and frame designs are then transferred to a smoothed, flattened bed of exceptionally hard oil based clay, by piercing through the lines of his drawings as they are laid upon the bed of clay. Jeff then sculpts the clay into a three-dimensional interpretation of his two-dimensional design.

After getting as much detail and definition as possible in the clay, he makes a rubber mold and casts the relief in plaster. He further refines and defines his forms in the pure white plaster, which is easier to see and captures finer details than the clay. In the last step, he makes another rubber mold of the plaster relief and does a final cast of the sculpture in Forton MG, a polymer modified, exterior grade plaster.