Jeff Eckert

Jeff Eckert is a contemporary realism artist creating narrative stories in graphite(pencil).
Subjects include figurative, animals and objects in a conceptual setting.

Biography: The medium of choice for Jeff Eckert is pencil. A simple tool, yet time-consuming in execution. When many people think pencil, they think “sketching”. Jeff takes the pencil to the highest level, using his skill with great attention to the smallest detail. He has a unique way of beginning a portrait with the left eye, which gives him the balance needed to execute with accuracy. He has mastered the medium for over 38 years. A drawing in graphite can take up to 130 hours. While a piece in colored pencil such as “Age and Understanding – Saving the Sea Turtles” can be close to 200 hours.

To date, Jeff is proud to have won sixteen best of show while competing with other artists from the around the country.

Jeff is currently a Florida resident, after spending many years in Los Angeles, working at Hanna-Barbera studios. Jeff has done commissioned pieces for Liza Minnelli, Robert Wagner, the Michael Landon family, Whoopi Goldberg and Julie Andrews.