“Fresh Work, Fresh Faces” Opening reception Friday, May 25th from 7 to 9pm and runs through June 15th.

This exhibit features all of them, artists that have been with us since the start and gained followings, and the latest to join us, who we’re sure will do the same says. This is going to be an exciting year, with the broadest collection of genre’s added in a single season.

Jeffrey Fitzgerald, a non-representational painter, is among the newest. Jeffrey creates very moving and evocative work. His vision is very individual, very different and he brings in an abstract quality we’re missing in the collection.

Also new to Bowersock, Jody Johnson, a Provincetown upcycled, assemblage craftsperson, who makes working lamps from found objects.

Jody had a large following in the past at the Blue Gallery, now defunct. This is her first time showing in her own town since its closing. We’re happy to have her and to offer her whimsical work to our patrons.

Noriko Fox, an emerging artist, was a guest in 2017. She returns this year as a stable member. She did so well that we brought her back as part of the collection. Norika is a narrative artist. Her use of toys is a conscious decision as is every item within the total image. Her work is fascinating.

Jeff Eckert’s work appears in the gallery for the first time. Eckert is a realist, graphite artist. I came across his work in the south years ago. It’s taken this long for me to bring his work north.

Stable artists presenting new works include Darlou Gams, with amazing landscapes, a very different take for her. Emma Ashby will present a series of seascape encaustics, “her first here.”

Helen Bess returns with her popular tramp art assemblage sculpture, “this year featuring embellished faux animal skulls.”

Steve Bowersock’s work will also be on display, and will feature a number of images from his latest series “Lost Child.”

Other highlighted stable artist are Robert Wellings, landscape; Chris Volpe, abstract landscapes, (“but he’s ever-changing”); Todd Kramer, who returns, but with a new style for our gallery, and Terry Rafferty with a contemporary still-life.

Diana Kirkpatrick’s all-figurative Cuban series is part of the opening show, these were all created after a visit to the island, and are just breathtaking.

This exhibit is just a taste of what’s to come – lots new. Even many of our longtime artists have moved into new territory. So, expect exciting, and surprising work, all genres, all styles, and always out of the ordinary.