Modern Male IV
July 1, 2022 - July 12, 2022

Once again Bowersock Gallery will visit swiftly morphing, cultural perspectives in its Modern Male IV show. This exhibit reflects on the fluctuating changes to the once nanoscopic take on what makes a man, as we collectively expand and transform to encapsulate truths rather than constraints and stereotypes. ‘He’ is what he was, and so much more, which is the new reality explored in this exhibit.  

Modern Male IV opens Friday, July 1st, 2022 with an artist reception from 7-9 pm, at Bowersock Gallery 373 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA and runs through Tuesday, July 12th.

MM IV, abbreviated, as it’s now affectionally known is an invitational exhibit and features new guests along with celebrated artists from Bowersock Gallery’s stable. The show explores persona, identity, implications, concepts, complications, and dreams, both romantic and real. The emphasis is on going deep as we thrash about seeking direction in a less restrictive world.

The focus was on finding images that encapsulate as many different physical, emotional, and culturally diverse views, as the gallery space would allow. While it’s impossible to fully digest this monumental moment in time with its newborn expectations, mounting pressures, warp speed changes, and the confusion extreme push and pull creates when juxtaposed against the standard mores, this show packs in quite a lot to explore.

Fewer and fewer of us are navigating the world in lockstep. While business suits, blue-collar uniforms, and green jumpsuits still exist, today they're more often a fashion choice rather than a dictate. The same goes regarding lifestyles and careers; more men are the primary parent, few assume a 25-year pension, and more and more feel emboldened to decide and proudly present to the world, who they will love. On the whole, alternative ways of life are on the rise and becoming mainstream.

Self Portrait Contemplating Infinity, by guest artist Joshua Langstaff sets the perfect tone for the exhibition. The contemporary, realist Droste effect painting depicts a man against a night sky, holding a painting of himself, holding a painting of himself, etcetera into infinity. It's a statement, a poem, a reflection, and an exploration that peels back the layers of being, a common thread in this exhibit. Langstaff is joined by Rob Westerberg, a popular Provincetown painter, along with Alex Jove, and Kelly Birkenruth, to name a few amongst others.

Steve Bowersock, Curator of the gallery reflects that it was not an easy feat to top the excellence of previous years but with the outstanding execution of the work, a broad range of mediums employed, and most importantly, extraordinary depth of perception proffered, this collection is the most provocative to date. Come join us!