The Group Show of All Group Shows
May 27, 2022 - June 1, 2022

The Group Show of All Group Shows is the official launch of the Bowersock 2022 season, complete with all the razzmatazz a season-opener should offer; inspired works from stable artists, summer guests’ debuts, introductions to freshmen newcomers, and a peek at the upcoming feature exhibits. With numerous new series and bountiful work, Bowersock Gallery’s wonderfully talented artists have truly bested themselves with multiple treats for all!

The Group Show of All Group Shows opens Friday, May 27th, with a reception from 7-9 pm at Bowersock Gallery, 373 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA, and runs through Tuesday, June 2nd

This show will feature new pieces by nearly all of the gallery's four dozen stable artists, in its two salon-style exhibit spaces. Works include the use of oils, acrylic, encaustic, found objects, sculpture in numerous mediums, glass, ceramic, clay, and work on paper and print. Of note: the popular, Male Show, is back in its fourth year and is now set to be an ongoing annual event. Guest New England artist Shelia Barbone will bring Provincetown urban landscapes to the salon galleries. And John Brickels, a newer stable member, will premier his allegorical sculpture series, featuring buildings that convey a sense of time passing and elicit a broad range of human emotions. 

Additional artists taking part in the season’s three-week featured show roster, include Scott Conary, Stanka Kordic, Darlou Gams, Emma Ashby, Alan Ammann, and Erik Durant, each represented in the group show prequel, as well, with inspired new works and narratives. 

2022 will also feature an unusual one-man show of work by Christopher Pothier, which plumbs the depths of human emotion, our plentiful senses, and addresses current cultural issues. Traditionally, Bowersock Gallery keeps featured exhibits to two or more artists, but the stunning new collection created by Pothier screamed for its own time, an exhibit not to be missed!

Steve Bowersock, Curator/Owner of the gallery, is happy to report that two artists are returning this year after a brief hiatus. Todd Bonita will be presenting his ever-popular water scenes featuring boats and fishermen of the New Hampshire seacoast which always captivate, and radiate a stillness and peace, something we could certainly all use these days. And Tim Christensen is back with his distinct black and white, sgraffito etched porcelain, each piece heavily embellished with fantastical creatures and scenes. 

Last but certainly not least, Bowersock Gallery is pleased to introduce painter Joshua Langstaff this season. Langstaff named one of, “21 Under 31, Artists to Collect Now,” by Southwest Art Magazine, studied traditional painting at the Classical Atelier at Gage Academy of Art. He runs the gamut of subject and genre: still, life, portrait, landscape, and figurative, execution with equal brilliance; his work is breathtaking, rich, and thoughtful. Bringing Joshua into the fold has the gallery absolutely buzzing.

As COVID ran roughshod through 2021 and is still kicking in 2022, many artists have been spending an inordinate amount of time in the studio exploring and tackling more difficult creative challenges. Both artist and their works are at their best after such rigorous soul searching and as boundaries have been exponentially stretched to the limits, so has creativity. Mind-bending and thought-provoking work is what’s on full display this season, so we most definitely encourage you to take the trip, this year, to P-town and Bowersock Gallery!