Emma Ashby

Emma Ashby is an abstract encaustic painter her subjects include flowers, lily ponds, and water.
Inspirations include Georgia O’ Keeffe, Chagall, Nature.

Ravensbourne College of Art, London (BA)
The Royal College of Art, London (MA)

Emma Ashby’s work is inspired by what she sees in the fabric of nature – color, texture, form, and pattern; ebb and flow; the beauty and fragility of life.
Her interest in the marriage of wax and fabric is also evident in her work – whether by applying encaustic to fabric to create sculptural forms or by incorporating printed fabrics into the depth of layers that she creates; this marriage creates a synthesis of something unique and beautiful. Emma notes, “It’s with these raw materials that I create what I’m seeing, or rather experiencing – extracting and encapsulating the essence and emotion of my subject, making the invisible visible”.

Indigo Dye

In my Water Lily paintings, I was excited to use indigo dyes for the textile prints that are embedded in the medium. The process is a magical one; the fabric is dipped into an indigo dye bath, but as it hits the air, the color is transformed from emerald green to a beautiful midnight blue. Indigo dyeing dates back to antiquity and is among the oldest dyes to be used for textiles and printing. It marries well with the beeswax of Encaustic painting, which is itself one of the most ancient of mediums.