Debbie Kinson

Debbie Kinson is an oil painter incorporating birds as symbols of the human spirit using layered imagery with slight Asian aesthetic some paintings have 23k gold and silver leaf.
Inspirations include technical influences of Italian Renaissance era artists, Maxfield Parrish

Education: BFA, New Hampshire Institute of Art

Influences: Technical influences are Italian Renaissance era artists as painting with oil on clay board, an absorbent surface, has similarities to fresco painting. Also influential is Maxfield Parrish’s technique of painting with many, many thin layers of oil glaze. Aesthetic influences are too many to count. I absorb what I see and let my subconscious fuel the creativity.

Bio: Debbie Kinson jumped off the corporate ladder in pursuit of that road not taken decades earlier. Obtaining a BFA as her license to begin new travels down the creative path, she fully immersed herself in the scenery of the mind and heart. Debbie’s passion takes her to explorations of the human spirit. Throughout human history and among cultures too many to count, birds are iconic symbols of freedom and spirituality. Debbie’s birds embody this iconography and her compositions combine an array of imagery meant to cause the viewer to “experience” her paintings, not just see them.