“Contemporary Reflections,” opens on Friday Aug 10th with an artist reception from 7 to 9pm and runs through Aug 24th.

“Contemporary Reflections,” is an intriguing exhibition of the unusual which offers the fascinating work of three artists. The work of painters Christopher W. A. Pothier and Alan Ammann are very dissimilar, yet both take viewers for an intense drop down the rabbit hole, each with great distinction. They are joined by sculptor Neil Grant, an equally thought-provoking artist.

This is a full-throttle exhibition, a combination of creatives who either stand things on their head, hit you on the head, and/or head you in a new direction. Each of these men challenges the viewers, with attitude. Aesthetically the only thing these artists share is quality and skill; all three are mature, seasoned and the top of their careers.

Pothier’s work tells stories. His paintings capture moments and slightly askew realities. Ammann, on the other hand, takes the real world and fractures it. What they both do, in their own way, is take snapshot slices of life, and stand them on their head, hence changing the perspective for the viewer. Grant is an experience of pure emotional release.

Many of Pothier’s canvases include the image of a beautiful vista, but it is never the primary focus. Whether the canvas depicts real world or dreamscape there is always a tantalizing subject, an intriguing tale and always social commentary.

Ammann’s work is done in brilliant colors illuminated by light. A former portrait painter, recognized by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Ammann switched to abstraction in order to do a more full exploration of color, composition, shapes and movement. Images are juxtaposed and fractured, the composition evokes the familiar dropped into an alternate reality.

Sculptor Neil Grant describes his beautifully rendered representational figures as “rebellion in plaster, bronze and resin.” Each of his works addresses the human struggle, the strength of spirit, and the challenge of the righteous path.

This show promises to keep you talking for a long, long while.