Caroline Rufo

Caroline Rufo is a contemporary oil and mixed media artist her subjects include treescapes and neighborhoods.
Inspirations include Paul Klee and Richard Diebenkorn.
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Rhode Island School of Design, BFA
Massachusetts College of Art, MFA

Caroline Rufo paints both from observation, and from imaginative inspiration. She often works by first painting a subject from life to familiarize herself with the form. Later, she will take what she has absorbed and paint it more like something one might remember from a dream. As in a dream, often the point of view is impossible and colors are highly intensified.

Caroline is interested in the way paths and roads can look like rivers or blood vessels. Branches and roots resemble neurons. Pathways in the world, our bodies, and other forms follow these similar patterns.

In her more abstract work she includes collage elements of found papers and her own monoprints. This layering adds an element of chance to the composition whereby houses may appear in trees, or sometimes below ground. There is a mirroring and an imperfect reflection of what is within the earth or the body, and what lies outside of it.


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