Bill Oakes

Bill Oakes is a contemporary artist who creates abstract paintings in printers ink.
Subjects:  “Fauxtography from space”

Inspirations: Really EVERYTHING (rocks, outer space, rust, light, life….); artistically he LOVED Gottfried Salzmann

Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA and UMASS Boston (Master’s Degree in Critical and Creative Thinking)

Biography: Bill Oakes was deeply passionate about nurturing creativity. He said, “My greatest joy is watching someone make a discovery.” An innovative artist, illustrator, educator, inventor, children’s book author, and publisher, over the course of his 35-year career he evolved from being an illustrator to an abstract artist. Bill was known for his incredible compassion, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, creativity and his openness to experimentation. As with much of his art, Bill saw beauty in what was often overlooked or unusual – seeing and helping others see in new ways. He felt abstract art came from the intuitive side of thought. His work stimulates the viewer to make discoveries and soar to new heights in using their imagination!
Using art and visual thinking as creative problem-solving tools his artistic and teaching methodology was designed to stimulate both students and self to push beyond preconceived self-limitations, to rely on our innermost being to be flexible, constructively spontaneous, and willing to tolerate ambiguity until a unique idea becomes clearly defined and recognized.
Bill did numerous illustrations for The Franklin Library, “Time Magazine,” “National Geographic,” “Reader’s Digest,” “American Magazine,” “Yankee Magazine,” The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor ABC News, CBS News and was a courtroom artist for the historic Watergate hearings