Marilene Sawaf Works

Marilene Sawaf

Medium: Oil, Casein, Acrylics, Inks, Acrylic Gouache

Subject: Figurative - I incorporate people from my life and mix them together within the landscape of where I live.

Style: It is a style I developed through many years of experimenting with inks, acrylics, watercolors, casein and oils. I try to bring forth the luminosity of stain glass with traditional designs and contemporary people.

Inspirations: Stained glass, Medieval, Persian, Indian, Impressionistic paintings, people from my life, landscapes from my area, Oriental carpet designs, Venice, Lebanon and anything else which catches my eye… 

Notable Exhibitions: Over twenty solo shows, over 100 group shows, Whistler Museum of Art, Currier Museum of Art, UNH MUSEUM of Art, Copley Society of Art juried and non-juried shows, Lassonde Juried Shows, Dunfey Memorial juried show etc.,

Memberships/Societies: Copley Society of Art, NH Art Association, Nashua Art Association, Hollis Art Association, Sharon Art Center in Peterborough, Brush with History in Lowell, MA

Education: Degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the University of ST. ESPRIT in Lebanon (1974-1980). 34 years of experimenting with ART

Biography: My Art journey has been a long road towards creativity. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt and lived in Italy, Egypt and Lebanon. When I came to live in Nashua, NH in 1980, after earning a degree in Architecture and Design, my first paintings were inspired from my college education rigorous 6 years training and my taste for enigmatic, colorful images. For the past 34 years, I was involved in countless exhibits, galleries, and a constant research into the creative side of painting. In 2006 and 2008 I received awards from the Currier Museum of Art for my figurative paintings, in 2011 I became a full member of the Copley Society of Boston.