Sydney Bella Sparrow Works

Formerly of Chicago and New York, Sydney Bella Sparrow moved to Maine in the late 1990’s. Her paintings convey thoughtful meditation studying the simple beauty of natural objects together with handmade and antiquarian items. She spends her time between painting, finding, and actually growing the inspirations for her work.

Bella Sparrow is quite a technically astute painter; her competent control over the medium of oils ensures the exquisite rendering of every piece she puts forth. Her artistic sensibilities include attention to balance in composition, use of a full palette of carefully chosen colors, an eye to the finest of details and a truly soft and masterful handling of brush stroke which brings subject matter to life. The result is a myriad of extraordinary images of life-like pieces of fruit in boxes where one can see the fuzz on a peach, the sheen on a pear and whereby the trompe l'oeil effects of the encasing wooden surrounds test even art savvy viewers. Realistic soft blue or speckled brown bird's eggs respectively paired and tucked into their natural and carefully built nests touch a familiar emotional cord…whereby floral still-life work evokes one's natural senses when the obvious visual beauty of a stem of flowers is often followed by a heart's desire to enjoy a beautiful fragrance or touch soft petals.

Sydney has studied with nationally renowned painter, Sean Beavers.