“7 Chakras” a solo exhibition of the work of Patricia Kaufman opens with an artist’s reception Friday, July 27, 7 to 9 and runs through August 7.

“7 Chakras,” is a rare solo exhibition, which will feature the work of renowned New England painter Patricia Kaufman – fantastical, jewel-like landscapes – places of the mind which reach into the soul.

Kaufman has exhibited with the gallery since it was founded in 2004 and has proven to be one of our most popular artists, with good reason. She is known as a painter’s painter, not only for her incredible ability with color, and skilled application but for the strength of her individual vision and hand.

Patricia has consistently taken us to incredible, ethereal worlds, whether figurative or landscape. She captures something intangible, with her brilliant colors, which touches us deeply. People recognize these views are not of the ordinary, but something of a higher plain – imbued with otherworldly lights and colors – wild, inviting and blissful.

The abstract impressionist works are a private world Kaufman shares with the viewer – each “autobiographical,” Kaufman says. The layers of pigment are the emotions and experiences of the artist, “This is personal.”

Patricia’s vision is solid because it IS her truth. She always paints for herself and to herself; art doesn’t get any stronger than that. That said, she’s aware that an act of open honesty can touch others in places which resonate with their individual truths, thereby becoming something of a universal notion. The work is then personal to the viewer and connects with the mass consciousness as well as to the artist’s mind.

Kaufman’s unearthly landscapes and figures are captivating; the depth of her color and composition naturally demand exploration, a desire by design which never fades.

Kaufman received her BFA with honors and Masters of Teaching from the University of New Hampshire. She has exhibited extensively and her work appears in numerous collections throughout the US.

Patricia has always been one of our top artists and it’s been a gratifying to represent her all these years. And to be honest, it’s simply been a privilege and pleasure to have her art hang in both my workplace and home. I can attest to the fact that Patricia’s work never tires. It simply grows deeper with time.

In addition to Kaufman’s “7 Chakras” solo show in the middle gallery, Bowersock Gallery will present the work of scores of stable and guest artists, salon-style, in Gallery I and III.

Patricia Kaufman