Bowersock Gallery Sculptors

Lindley Briggs

Is a stylized realism, contemporary artist working in bronze, resin and forton. Creating nude figures which are whimsical and seldom realistic.

David Random

Creates fantasy sculptures using reclaimed antique, vintage mechanical, and architectural parts.

Jeffery Briggs

A sculptor casting in bronze or Forton MG,  creating cast reliefs which explore his thoughts about man's complex and paradozical relationship to animals. Featured in Yankee Magazine, "Woodworking-The New Wave."

Jeanne' McCartin

A sculptor / mask maker, using mache, encaustic, acrylic to create on-of-a-kind masks. A graduate from Vesper George School of Art, Boston,  MA.

Jane Kaufmann

A fine art ceramic sculpture which is clay, raku fired. Work includes orbs, story pieces, finger puppets, and figures.


Steven Carpenter

A fine art sculptor who uses muscular grace as he characterizes the human figure and or form. Casting in bronze or plaster.