Jayne Adams’ solo exhibit, “The Magnificent Manual”

 Artists’ reception 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, March 8th - Mount Dora, FL.

The exhibition runs through April 8th.

Jayne doesn't take you to other worlds, or imaginary places. She has a way of making the most common day and simple actions of those things. Her beautifully rendered figures and mastery of medium highlights the magnificence in the mundane and opens us to wonder in the ordinary.
Adams’ figurative narratives depict the “everyman,” his story told in thoughtful “snapshots,” whether it depicts a man at rest, at labor, or in contemplation, singularly, or in large groups.
The representational work done in bold, distinct, individual style and color use emphasize the beauty, and profundity in the most inconsequential action.

"Color is really important to the process. I really have to reach for the high keynote, search for that color note in the process of painting," says Adams. “And the work needs to be immediate and fluid; I don’t do a lot of overworking."
Drawing is at the root of it all, and often takes president over the colors. “I am passionate about drawing first, then building up the surfaces with paint.” The initial pencil lines are often left visible, seen just beneath the surface or left unpainted.
“From early on I question what part of the process will just I let be, leaving it unpainted or touched with a transparent glaze. So, it’s a mixed layered process,” says Adams. “I certainly make decisions to leave lines, or a paint stroke as is during the early stage of building up.”
Economy and immediacy are equally important she adds. “I work with that in mind. I work to paint with as few strokes as possible, so I really have to nail it,” she says. “My big concern is to not over work, but to let it the piece breath and be fresh.”
The results are a more captivating surface that serves the visual intrigue as well as the narrative.
The current body of work will include many from her men at work series.
Adams received her BFA from the University of NH. She is the recipient of three Currier Gallery of Art awards and the Currier Museum, the Lacroix Award for painting, the Holland Sister’s Award and others. Her work has been exhibited throughout the East Coast and is found in numerous private collections in the US and Canada.
Jayne’s work is always captivating, the aptly executed characters draw you in, but it’s certainly the color and surface treatment that keeps you there. Everything about the image and its execution is engaging. Jayne is a mature artist at the top of her game.