Julie Cyr

Is an experimental contemporary oil and mixed media artist; creating amazing landscapes, still life's and or animals paintings on canvas and panel.

Chris Volpe

A landscape oil painter working on canvas; referencing19th century traditions such as Barbizon and Tonalism but filters them through a contemporary 20th/21st century sensibility.

Carey Armstrong-Ellis

An contemporary narrative oil painter. Her subjects range from toys to random everyday objects.

Jayne Adams

Jayne is a NH fine artist whose work is primarily figurative oil paintings on wood panel supports. Her process is a layered application of drawing, paint, and glazing, creating a surface texture and finish.


Lynn Libby

An soft pastels and pastel pencils on paper artist who focus is seascapes, clouds and sea, sky and water in a classic with contemporary look.


Patricia Kaufman

An oil painter who creates autobiographical abstract paintings about figurative, landscapes even ethereal works; Masters from University of New Hampshire.

Kim Ferreira

An oil and acrylic painter working on panel, creating narrative figurative paintings with hand painted repeating pattern backgrounds.

Todd Bonita

An oil painter, and graphic artist creating representational paintings. He has his BFA from the Art Institute of Boston.


Scott Schnepf

His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout the country, and is included in many private and public collections.


Meghan Howland

A contemporary oil painter working on canvas, creating figurative paintings, with a narrative edge.

Donna Baldassari

A contemporary Representational oil painter; her subject include iconic Images of Bicycles and Campers.

Michael Palmer

An acrylic and ink artist whom gives an abstract quality to architecture, landscapes, and figurative pieces; breaking them down to geometric shapes.



William Thomson

his work runs the gamut: landscapes, cityscapes, interior and figurative works, in either acrylic, encaustic, egg tempera, oil or watercolor, most often in warm, rich, earth tones.

Cindy Rizza

An oil painter creating contemporary realism paintings on linen or panel, subjects include Americana, Figurative, and Still Life.

Darlou Gams

An oil painter working on oil on panel by weaving color and light into her paintings. Creating a modern interpretation on her landscapes, figurative and portraits works.

Catherine Nash

An artist who freely mixes media in her work to express her ideas.  Specializing in Japanese and Western hand papermaking, encaustic painting and mixed media.

Sydney Bella Sparrow

An realist oil painter whom creates precise compositions in her still lifes Her paintings are marked by a warm, rich palette and masterful brush work.

Christopher W A Pothier

Christopher Pothier, is a representational artist; medium is oil on Panel on Canvas creating still-lifes and figures in a narrative setting.


Steve Bowersock

An oil painter, who creates landscapes, dreamscapes and still lifes either on canvas, linen boards or canvas boards, with a surrealism quality to them.