Fine Art Appetizers Exhibition, the 2017 season, opens with a reception on Friday, May 26, from 7pm to 9pm.


A person can make a meal of exceptional, perfect, mini morsel; the delectable appetizers. They can also cover a wall with small, tasty, choice works of art, such as those featured. Featuring small works by stable and guest artists.

We've decided to open with a big bang of small works, in a wide variety of styles. In addition to different paint mediums, the show will feature encaustic and sculpture. This special starter's paintings and sculpture largely top out at 12-by-12 inches, with some as small as 2-by-2 inches.

Steve Bowersock, the gallery's curator, will join the lineup. Bowersock's surreal paintings are exhibited in galleries from Provincetown, to Florida and west to California. Steve rarely works in this size, making them rare, and highly sought after by his collectors. He'd planned to skip this exhibit to focus on one later in the season. But motivated by collectors' requests he locked himself in the studio to produce a small collection.

"Appetizer" features some the nation's finest artist, largely from the Northeast, at a price most can afford. It's a great opportunity to work on a personal collection.

The exhibit features a collection of Debbie Kinson, warm gold and orange symbolic bird imagery; Emma Ashby's dream-like encaustic and Carey Armstrong-Ellis, comical to demented toys.

Sculptor Mark Jaeger, one of the gallery's newer artists, will exhibit expressively textured clay visages, which measure in at 5-by-5 inches. Sculptor Jeanne' McCartin returns with a few surreal works from her "Face-it" series.

Cindy Rizza is back with her ethereal, narrative work, and Patricia Schappler with her haunting figuratives. Scott Conary will exhibit a number of his representational/interpretive, symbolic paintings.

Scott has been with us a very short time and proven quite popular with our more discerning collectors. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with his exceptional, and add him to your collection.

The show includes stunning narrative, contemporary-realism by Julie Beck, the evocative still life realism of Todd Kramer, and bold figurative work of Jayne Adams.

Provincetown painter Deborah Kerr will join the gallery with her tiny, impressionist works as a guest artist for this special event along with may other of our artists. Please browse our all artists tab to discover more.