COMPLICATED CONCEPTS & MODERN INTERPRETAITONS Friday, August, 26 2016, opening reception 7 to 9 p.m, runs through September 13th

The Bowersock Gallery's late summer exhibition features a rare run of two concurrent one-person shows; "Complicated Concepts" featuring the work of Christopher Pothier and "Modern Interpretations" with the art of Darlou Gams.

People tend to linger on the works of both artist, though for very different reason, Curator Steve Bowersock says. Pothier's work rattles back teeth and the mind, while holding the viewers’ attention hostage and demanding contemplation. Gams on the other hand soothes the disquieted spirit and takes viewers on a journey of an entirely different sentiment and tenor.
Gams' harmonious, tonal work is about poetic place and people. The past few years the accomplished artist concentrated on the study of faces, but returns to her popular landscapes for this season. Whether a visage or soft portrait of trees and fields, her atmospheric images are warm and soulful.

"Her rich work is best described as a respite for the spirit," says Bowersock. "Whether it’s a canvas of haunting faces or ethereal landscapes they are a place of rest or meditation on what quickens life just beyond the physical."

Much of Pothier’s self-exploration metaphorical/realist work takes a hammer to its themes, strengthening and broadening both visuals and intent.

"This latest collection is a forceful mix of serious themes, touched with humor and laced with disquiet. Boys in cowboy suits hold cowering businessmen at gun point, or a man contemplates life on the porcelain throne - humorous - but not," Bowersock says. "Chris is a master storyteller. Whether his arresting work depicts the face of a man covered in cracked, dried clay lost in thought, or wandering, briefcase-carrying businessmen, there is a story that changes with every sitting."

Both painters are masters of their genres, and deft craftsman, Bowersock says. Gams received her BFA, Summa Cum Laude from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California. After a successful career in illustration, she transitioned to full time fine artist. Pothier received his BFA from the University of Massachusetts. A former New Hampshire Arts Institute of and Sanctuary Arts, Maine instructor, he has garnered a reputation as a skilled muralist throughout the east coast.

"These are differently effecting works; each deserve special attention," says Bowersock. "Together they epitomize the value and purpose of art. It's a show not to be missed.