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New Artist Julie Cyr

Julie finds her inspiration in the wonder of daily life. An optimist by nature, she sees the light and shapes that arise out of the simple scenes around her. Much of what Julie found beautiful as she grew up in Maine continues to inspire her to bring that beauty to life on canvas and board.

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New Photographer Bear Kirkpatrick

The paper is 100% cotton fiber, acid free, archival stock.  Matte finish.  Sprayed with matte UV protectant spray (smells like lacquer).

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P & V

Opens August 30th with an artists’ reception, from 7 to 9 PM. The exhibit runs through September 11th.

Crash Chaos Chris Pothier

featuring works by Christopher W. Pothier and Christopher Volpe, two outstanding New England artists tiptoeing towards mid-career with an incredible base and new visions.

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Printmaking Demonstration with David Hunter

Where: Bowersock Gallery, 137 E. 4th Avenue, Mount Dora, FL
When: Saturday, August 24, 1 – 3 PM


By Popular Demand! Printmaker Artist David Hunter’s works have been delighting and creating awe in patrons.
What is an etching?  An etching is an original print made from etched metal plate.  The plate is coated with an acid-resistant coating.  A needle is used to draw lines through the coating to expose the plate surface.  When finished the plate is placed in acid solution which etches the lines into the plate.  An etching is then made from the plate by rubbing ink into the lines and rubbing excess ink from the plate surface.  The inked plate is placed on the bed of an etching press and wet paper pressed over it.  When the plate and the paper are run through the press, the surface of the paper is forced into the lines on the plate and the ink is transferred to the paper to make the final artwork.

David Hunter will demonstrate this process using a 6x4” marsh scene. 

Attendees will be able to see an actual print made right in front of them.
This is a must-see experience!

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