NATURE'S RHYTHM - Opening Reception Friday, June 17, 2016 7 to 9pm

A view into seascapes, birds and nostalgia. 


There is a natural peace in the works of Todd Bonita, Debbie Kinson and Cindy Rizza the artists  featured in "Nature's Rhythm," Bowersock Gallery's first "main stage" exhibit of the season. 

There is a quiet rhythm, a lulling of shorts that prevails across all three artists work, it's the lapping of a boat, the gentle movement of air, those moments you sense the air and sun on your skin on a hushed, warm day. There is such beauty in each work, stories in the narrative works that take the mind away and in turn quiet our thoughts. This is a show to be experiences both as a whole, and in its outstanding, brilliant parts. 

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Great Escapes Opening Reception at Mount Dora Friday, January 8th, 6 to 8pm

Lynn Libby is introducing a new series featuring Lake County and Mount Dora, called “Great Escapes, Lake Dora."

She has a great passion and penchant for the sea and sky which is reflected, expansively, in each piece. Her canvas is filled exclusively with soft pastels and her work is executed, skillfully, with a drawing technique in a painting style; pastels are ethereally luminous while holding to the spirit of nature’s own shades.  

It Keeps Getting Better Opens, May 27, through June 15th , with an artist reception, Friday, May 27, 7 to 9pm

Bowersock Gallery will launch its twelfth year in Provincetown with "It Keeps Getting Better," a special multi artist exhibition featuring works by its established stable and a sneak peek at its latest additions. 
Bowersock has built itself on a carefully curated blend of styles by some of today's top artists, known for both skill and vision. The art ranges from hyper realism to abstract, from traditional to outsider art. 
2016's inaugural show is a smorgasbord of artists Bowersock has represented since its earliest years, including two returning after short hiatuses, and recently signed painters and sculptors. 
"We have artists that we have worked with since our first year in P-town and many for 10 or a half dozen or so. The reason is simple. We choose carefully and then we keep them on because they prove themselves and are popular with our clients," Curator Steve Bowersock says. "So they are back. And as it is with each new year we have brought in some new, exciting talent to share."

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“The Tiny Show” opens;

Emma Ashby - Encaustic Fire Poppy 12x12

with an artist reception 6 to 8pm on Friday, December 11th, at Bowersock Gallery, 137 East 4th Ave, Mount Dora, Florida. and runs through January 4th.

You can stake your claim at “The Tiny Show” opens with an artist reception 6 to 8pm on. The show will feature quality art on small canvases, jewelry and sculptures done by renowned local and regional artists.

Our goal is to put art in more homes. There is no better way to start or augment a collection that buying small, It’s a ‘take two they’re small’ affair, an art collector’s dream.

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