Todd Bonita

Realism, representational oil painter Todd Bonita finds insipiration in the ocean, seashore, working harbors, nostalgia, nature,academic representational art, beautiful form, design and light his subjects include boats, working harbors, figures, nostalgic and ephemera still life.

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Michael PalmerFriday, March 8, 2013 Reception 6 to 8pm
Exhibition "The Magnificent Manual" featuring Painter Jayne Adams

Friday, April 12, 2013 Reception 6 to 8pm
Exhibition "Nostalgic Notions" Featuring Artist- ???

Friday, May 10, 2013 Reception 6 to 8pm
Exhibition "Just a Bit" a full salon. Featuring a bit of everything.

WILLIAM THOMSON (March 16, 1931 - October 9, 2014)

His work runs the gambit: landscapes, cityscapes, interior and figurative works, in either acrylic, encaustic, egg tempera, oil or watercolor, most often in warm, rich, earth tones.

There is a power in his works which defies definition. Each, even the most abstract, is imbued with such a strong sense of emotion that it’s impossible not to feel moved. Bill works in all kinds of mediums from acrylic, encaustic, egg tempera, oil to watercolor but somehow they all tie together producing an amazing image. The discovery of how mediums operate, individually or in combination, is what drives this artist.

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