What is Forton?

Introduction. What do you get when you marry the best parts of plaster casting to the best parts of epoxy and fiberglass? An ultra strong, very hard, weatherproof, odorless, and most importantly a non toxic material casting system that one can sculpt like plaster called the FORTON MG Casting System – sometimes referred to as FMG.



Lindley Briggs

Is a stylized realism, contemporary artist working in bronze, resin and forton. Creating nude figures which are whimsical and seldom realistic.

 Christopher Gowell

A detailed realist and figurative artist who draws on medieval, classical, and baroque traditions with her Masters in Sculpture at Boston University.

Jeffery Briggs

A sculptor casting in bronze or Forton MG,  creating cast reliefs which explore his thoughts about man's complex and paradozical relationship to animals. Featured in Yankee Magazine, "Woodworking-The New Wave."