What is clay?

Clay is a naturally occurring material composed primarily of fine-grained minerals, which show plasticity through a variable range of water content, and which can be hardened when dried and/or fired. Clay deposits are mostly composed of clay minerals (phyllosilicate minerals), minerals which impart plasticity and harden when fired and/or dried, and variable amounts of water trapped in the mineral structure by polar attraction. Organic materials which do not impart plasticity may also be a part of clay deposits.

What is Raku?

Raku-yaki (楽焼), or Raku is a method of firing where red hot pieces are taken from a kiln with tongs and thrown in pine needles to smoke the clay. Firing this way is physical and exciting.





Jane Kaufmann

A fine art ceramic sculpture which is clay, raku fired. Work includes orbs, story pieces, and figures; member, League of N.H. League of Craftsmen.