Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson is a Contemporary Art Nouveau working in Stoneware and Porcelain her subjects include Stylized Spirals of Flora and Fauna.

Inspirations inclued Spirals in Nature, Indigenous Potters of the world, Georgia O'Keefe.

219 double leaf crm mang 6x9

Apprenticeship with Todd Piker 1976-1980
Apprenticeship with Guy Wolf 1975-1976
Production Potter: Wisconsin Pottery.

Susan has spent her life working with clay; honing her skills,unlocking the potential of the clay and her own creative spirit. By taking inspiration from the natural world she is exploring the physics of spirals as a means of growth. And chemistry with the use of her colorful glazes. The glaze effects are achieved by creating deliberate patterns of decorated glaze layers which melt and blend as gravity pulls them over undulating curves insuring that no two pieces are alike.

Susan's current work has brought her full circle back to what inspired her before she knew the rules of "Form following Function" '' As a teen I was a feminist with few career role models that appealed to me. Knowing that in many primitive cultures pottery was women's work has inspired me to learn hand building as I had seen done in videos of african, mexican and native american women potters''. She is now using hand building to explore the possibilities that organic forms provide. Her stylized pieces represent ideas of asymmetrical balance, relationship of line and negative space and the power of spirals as a means of growth and transformation