Jayne Adams

Jayne Adams is a contemporary figurative oil painter exploring the human form that look at  connections, relationships and/or conditions.
Insperations include 

 c distant memory 10x8

Jayne Adams Distant Memory 10x8 ~ Bowersock Gallery

Education: BFA from the University of NH; White MT. Sculpture Workshops, Jefferson, NH; Printmaking workshops, UNH and Northampton, MA.

Bio: Jayne is a NH fine artist whose work is primarily figurative oil paintings on wood panel supports. Her process is a layered application of drawing, paint, and glazing, creating a surface texture and finish that is significant to the outcome of each piece. Expressive mark making and color layering is sustained throughout, allowing for a varied surface, heightened color and visual intrigue. Margins often extend beyond the actual image as the subject drifts outside the given painting space. The results are a visual energy that is the undertow for sustained attention to each piece.

Jayne’s subject matter is the human figure, observed directly, elbow to elbow, or from stories told and untold. The human form has been her artistic inspiration since her initiation to figure drawing in high school. The complexities, possibilities and challenges with the figure are endless. Several figurative themes thread through her 30 years of art making and are produced in series, often alongside and simultaneously. The “Inheritance” series reveals social handicaps which bridge behaviors and attitudes, unknowingly, from one generation to the next. Other series juxtapose figures in their environment or within a community. Groupings, clusters, or singular forms are found perched on thresholds, crowded in a crease, or strung like “beads,” ultimately hinting at human connection, relationship, and/or condition.

Jayne was the recipient of 3 Currier Gallery of Art awards through the NH Art Association and the Currier Museum, the Lacroix Award for painting, the Holland Sister’s Award and others. Her work has been exhibited throughout New England and is in numerous private collections in the US and Canada. She is an active member of the Ogunquit Art Assoc., Ogunquit, ME.