Jan Waldron

Jan Waldron is a contemporary oil painter her subjects include landscapes, still life, figurative, abstract.
Inspirations include Edward Hopper, Joan Eardley, Stuart Shils, Bay Area Ab Expressionists [Paul Wonner, Joan Brown et al].

mill pond 16x20

MA Writing; studied at MFA School Boston, in workshops with E.M. Saniga, Stuart Shils, Adeline Goldmin-Tronzo.

Jan Waldron was a writer in a past life [4 books] and brings a strong sense of narrative to all of her work now as a painter — even a simple floral is imbued with mood and a sense of place. Central to the evocation of story, for Waldron, is how light comes into the moment, falls on the land, a house, a body; how it transforms color and air. And how the implications of the absence of light — fog or darkness, can tell a whole other story. As much as the painting shows, there is always so much more unrevealed in the suggestions of paint... and that is where the work invites the viewer in.

Waldron says: "Words escape me. Finally," when asked to provide an artists’ statement. 'Speaking' with color and light has replaced words, as the most gratifying way to connect, now.