door 3 48x48
Alan Ammann

A contemporary oil painter using shape, movement and Illusionistic light to create his abstract paintings.

sinister silver snackscape 10x10
Carey Armstrong-Ellis

is a contemporary narrative oil painter. Her subjects range from toys to random everyday objects.

scarlet poppy 18x18
Emma Ashby

An abstract encaustic painter her subjects include flowers, lily ponds and water.

julie beck not my circus main 36x36

Julie Beck

A contemporary, realism, oil painter who creates narrative paintings using still lifes, figures and animals as symbolism's for her original works of art.

v peeling back the veil 30x30 bowersock
Steve Bowersock

An oil painter, who creates landscapes, dreamscapes and still lifes either on canvas, linen boards or canvas boards, with a surrealism quality to them.

aurora head waves
Lindley Briggs

A contemporary sylized realism sculptor she creates whimsical winged creatures and nudes.


hammers on stone
Steven Carpenter

A fine art sculptor who uses muscular grace as he characterizes the human figure and or form. Casting in bronze or plaster.

scott conary clutch full 13x10
Scott Conary

A contemporary realism artist who works in oil creating narratives and tensions in the common by using architecture, still life, meat, egg, flowers as his subjects.

foolish friend bear tulips8x8
Kim Ferreira

An oil and acrylic painter working on panel, creating narrative figurative paintings with hand painted repeating pattern backgrounds.

k MP10 12x12
Darlou Gams

An oil painter working on oil on panel by weaving color and light into her paintings. Creating a modern interpretation on her landscapes, figurative and portraits works.



calico 18x18
Marissa Girard

A contemporary encaustic painter using cold wax and oil focusing on abstracted landscapes.

abigail 24x24
Meghan Howland

A contemporary oil painter working on canvas, creating figurative paintings, with a narrative edge.

pilings 22x30
Sean Hurley

A intaglio printmarker creating architectural and industrial imagined realism landscapes.

angle flow 20x24
Patricia Kaufman

An oil painter who creates autobiographical abstract paintings about figurative, landscapes even ethereal works; Masters from University of New Hampshire.

whooo are you 12x16
Debbie Kinson

An oil painter incorporating birds as symbols of the human spirit using layered imagery with slight Asian aesthetic.

neil 30x40
Diana Kirkpatrick

A contemporary realism oil painter creating still life, figurative and portraits.

night shift 21x29

Steven Lush

Expressionistic realism, watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media artist creating Marine art, cityscapes, landscapes and interior paintings.

auntunt lucys side
Catherine Nash

A mixed media artist her work incorporates papermaking, encaustic in Japanese and Western styles.

gertrude steins suicide girls 1 8x12
Amy Palmer

An oil painter but, also uses graphite and prisma to create her figures in a box. Her work is well known for the big eyes and her illustrative quality.

j beached 20x20
Michael Palmer

A contemporary acrylic painter his subjects include landscapes.

Lauren Pollaro

A contemporary mixed media artist making one-of-a-kind jewelry and wall art.

g mafia lawyer 32x28
Christopher Pothier

A contemporary oil painter creating still-lifes and figures in a narrative representational setting.

impending 30x30
Cindy Rizza

A contemporary realism oil painter her subjects include figurative, still life, americana

crufo reaching for the well 36x36
Caroline Rufo

A contemporary oil and mixed media artist her subjects include treescapes and neighborhoods.

d the dinner party 24x30
Marilene Sawaf

A figurative painter using oil, caseine, acrylics, inks, acrylic goache and gouache.

flora 12x12
Patricia Schappler

A contemporary artist working with oil, graphite, charcoals and pastels to create poetic, dramatic portraits and figurative paintings.

atlantic 24x24 oil on canvas
Chris Volpe

A contemporary landscape oil painter his style references 19th century traditions.