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It's A Return Performance

Chris Pothier

Chris Volpe

The exhibition features Christopher Pothier and Christopher Volpe "hanging' side by side, for the second year running. Opening Aug 29th with an artists' reception, 7 to 9 p.m and runs through Sept 12th

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Reflective Situation Opens August 15 2014, with an artists' reception: 7-9pm


features painter Meghan Howland, photographer Bear Kirkpatrick and sculptor Susan Anderson. The event includes book launch for Kirkpatrick's first publication and a demonstration by Anderson. The exhibit runs through Aug, 20th.

 In a continuation of the 10-year anniversary celebration Bowersock Gallery will present "Reflective Situations" an exceptional, varied exhibition, featuring two special events.

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Stormy Opens August 1, 2014, with an artists' reception: 7-9pm

Featuring darker moods, by three female artists, 2 painters and a sculptor the exhibit, will feature regionally renowned artists: painters Jayne Adams and Julie Cyr, along with sculptor Christopher Gowell. Each explores stronger and darker moods and situations, from rising storms, wild women, and others held in check.

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By Design opens July 18, with an artists’ reception 7 to 9pm and runs through July 20th

“By Design,” featuring painter Patricia Kaufman and assemblage artist Lauren Pollaro, will be drenched in color, a feast for the eyes.

If you like color, than this is the show to see. Former Provincetown great Henry Hensche is quoted as saying paintings are the visual music of the world. This exhibit, with all its rich, skillfully worked color, is a true symphony.

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