"Fractured Fantasy" opens with an artists' reception Friday, July 28, 7 to 9 and runs through August 8.

Fractured Fantasy Bowersock Gallery

It would be a challenge to find two more diverse works sharing an exhibit space than that of Alan Ammann and Helene Bess. That they are so different, and yet so complementary is what "Fractured Fantasy" at Bowersock Gallery is all about; a convergence of styles. 

Helene is a sculptor, Alan a painter. She build's fantastical creatures from all manner of materials, he paints imagined, unexplored, fractured, worlds. Still, their colors and concepts complement one another in a delightful way. Ammann's energetic, colorful contemporary oils move the eye around the canvas like a pinball machine; pleasing as a whole, with moments to rest on and get lost in, a wonderful duality. Ammann, an atelier-trained painter, shows throughout the US. Initially, a realist painter, one of Ammann's portraits was selected as a semifinalist in the prestigious Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery triennial portrait competition. Today he explores abstraction, with an emphasis on composition, shape and movement and illusionistic light.

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"Haunting Yesterday & Tomorrow" Opening Reception July 14, 7 to 9 p.m. and runs through July 25

Haunting Yesterday Tomorrow


"Haunting Yesterday & Tomorrow"

is a powerhouse exhibit featuring paintings by William Thomson (deceased), one of the Bowersock Gallery's most renowned artists, and Scott Conary, one the gallery's newer members, who comes with his own solid following and stellar reputation.

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Features Steve Bowersock presentation of his newest series of dreamscape, surreal, expressionist oil paintings.

For this show only Bowersock hands off curation responsibilities to gallery manager and co-owner Michael Senger.

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Fine Art Appetizers Exhibition, the 2017 season, opens with a reception on Friday, May 26, from 7pm to 9pm.


A person can make a meal of exceptional, perfect, mini morsel; the delectable appetizers. They can also cover a wall with small, tasty, choice works of art, such as those featured. Featuring small works by stable and guest artists.

We've decided to open with a big bang of small works, in a wide variety of styles. In addition to different paint mediums, the show will feature encaustic and sculpture. This special starter's paintings and sculpture largely top out at 12-by-12 inches, with some as small as 2-by-2 inches.

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