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Roll-out, Sneak Peek Exhibition exclusively on opens March 17th through May 4th

The 26-plus works offered in the salon-style exhibit will be presented 10 at a time, over the course of three weeks. Artists will include Michael Palmer, Scott Conary, and new works from the estate of William Thomson, and eight addition painters, with works ranging from abstract to traditional.


62.0 scott conary clutch full 13x10

Scott Conary Clutch Full 13x10 ~ Bowersock Gallery

70.0 julie beck not my circus main 36x36

Julie Beck's Not My Circus 36x36 ~ Bowersock Gallery

66.0 marilene sawaf the birthday party 30x40 full

Marilene Sawaf The Birthday Party 30x40 ~ Bowersock Gallery

71.0 dennis perrin keira and alabaster main 20x24

Dennis Perrin Keira and Alabaster 20x24 ~ Bowersock Gallery



SMALL WORKS of WONDER Saturday, November, 26 2016 with an artists' reception 2 to 4pm

"Original art is more accessible and affordable than most people assume, and even more so during this special exhibit that puts art in everyone's reach," Curator Steve Bowersock says. "While we always carry a broad selection of genres and styles, we pull out all the stops for this exhibit choosing a very diverse group of smaller canvases."