THE BEAUTY OF COLOR - Friday, August 12th, 2016, Opening Reception 7-9pm / show through August 24th

The Beauty of Color - featuring artists Patricia Kaufman & Emma Ashby
“The Beauty of Color” is a show which serves to fully and completely please the aesthetic senses. Patricia Kaufman, with grand magnificence and thickness of stroke captures the abstract landscape using a bright, vivid palette.  Emma Ashby also uses a broad range of color but chooses to speak, deftly, through the encaustic medium layering her work into the 3D with tufts of fabric. Both artists capture the grand feminine while bringing us to a place of peaceful meditation.  

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PAINTING THE FIGURATIVE LIFE - Opening reception Friday, July 29th, 2016 7-9pm / show through August 10th

“Painting the Figurative Life” featuring artists Patricia Schappler & Diana Kirkpatrick

"Painting the Figurative Life" is a show reflecting the visions of two distinctive oil artists with different, yet complimentary, points of view. Patricia Schappler is asking us to ponder what the individual is thinking while looking past the story telling narrative. Positioning of figure suggests “anticipation” leading us in movement towards that feeling of “wanting more.” Diana Kirkpatrick asks us to look more deeply into realism, past the personality, towards soul essence. Eyes of her subjects have an uncanny way of pulling you right in. The gist of her work is that it’s less about the individual and more about what lingers, hidden, in the underlying recesses of the being.

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COMPLICATED PERSPECTIVES - Friday July 15th, 2016 7-9 pm runs through July 28th

"Complicated Perspectives" featuring Michael Palmer and John Angelopoulos tells a story through the eyes of the exaggerated. Each artist spells his story using tools in a less traditional way and asks us to see the world through another type of dimensional lens. Both men show us the power; Palmer uses the abstract to lead into the scape with loss of perspective using a playful hand. Angelopoulos uses bold strokes to emphasize the animation of form.

FIGURES AND LANDSCAPES - artists' reception July 1, 2016 - 7 to 9pm runs through July 13

Painters Jan Waldron and Jayne Adams tell stories. Waldron often points her subjects out from a distance, her stories told through moody settings that speak to unseen inhabitants just, tales unfolding. Adams gets in close, her paintings a clear snapshot of human subjects caught in a second's time.
The commonalities are deeper than subject. The two contemporary style artists are story tellers with clear visions, individual hands, and incredibly skilled. There is potency in the work. Even a quiet canvas emanates strong intent.